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Latest TV Technology

The Latest TV Technology explained in our jargon free guide, read on to understand the benefits of the innovative new television technology and why they will enhance your viewing experience.


Smart TVs

Smart TVs

Smart TVs connect to your home internet connection, allowing you to browse a wide range of applications and online content without needing a phone or computer from the comfort of your sofa..

These applications (referred to simply as “Apps”) include catch up services such as BBC iPlayer and movie streaming options such as Netflix. You can also access social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, YouTube for video sharing, plus a whole host of other lifestyle and news apps.

On many Smart TVs, including Finlux Smart models, there is a web browser so you can access your favourite websites on the big screen.

Finlux Smart TVs come with either built-in Wi-Fi or a supplied USB Wi-Fi dongle which allows you to connect your television to your home broadband wirelessly, so you don’t need to worry about a cable long from your router to your TV. However, if you prefer to connect via a wire, then all you need is an Ethernet cable.

DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) is another feature that is offered on Finlux Smart TVs and allows you to access your photos, music and movies from your PC across your home network from a compatible device. For example, you can access your digital photo library on your PC and view a slideshow of your holiday pictures on your TV!


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In a Nutshell

Access online content on your TV via your home broadband

Wide range of apps such as BBC iPlayer & Netflix

Look for Wi-Fi connectivity to avoid additional cables (all Finlux Smart TVs have this benefit)

Access digital content (video, photos, music) from other DLNA compatible devices around your home


3D TVs

3D TVs

In addition to normal 2D viewing, Finlux 3D TVs bring breath taking action to life with immersive 3D, allowing you to watch movies and sporting action with exceptional added depth and realism.

How 3D works:

To see the additional third dimension of 3D footage, each eye has to see slightly different information as though viewing from a different angle. This means that the right eye should not see the information that is meant for the left eye and vice versa. There are 2 types of 3D technology: Passive and Active which offer a different way in which information can be blocked and presented to each eye.

Passive 3D TV: These use passive 3D glasses which work to polarise the pixels on-screen, so that the left eye sees the odd lines and the right eye sees the even ones. Their operation helps to ensure that they can offer flicker-free images. Passive 3D glasses require no batteries for their operation and are lightweight and therefore extremely comfortable to wear.

Active 3D TV: These use battery-operated active 3D glasses which are equipped with 2 shutters – one for each eye. These shutters are rapidly opened and close to reveal only the information required by each eye.

Whichever system you choose, to watch 3D content on a 3D TV you will need a 3D source such as Sky 3D or a 3D compatible Blu-ray player.


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In a Nutshell

Bring breath-taking action to life with immersive 3D

2 types of 3D technology; Active & Passive

Requires use of 3D glasses (all Finlux TVs have these supplied)

Requires a 3D content source


Combi TVs

Combi TVs

TV/DVD Combi models are televisions that have an integrated DVD player built into them and offer a single unit alternative to a separate TV and DVD player. With all the features you would expect of a stand-alone DVD player but with the added convenience of requiring no additional box or cables, these are a great space-saving option, turning your TV into a complete entertainment system and are especially popular as bedroom TVs.

Finlux Combi TVs feature an integrated multi-region DVD player meaning you can watch not only UK DVDs but discs from around the world.


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In a Nutshell

TV with built-in DVD player

Space-saving solution

No additional cables required

Look for multi-region DVD playing capabilities to play discs from any country (all Finlux Combi TVs have this benefit)


12v TVs

12 Volt TVs

12 Volt TVs come with a supplementary 12V compatible power supply, which means they can plug in easily in a caravan, boat or motorhome and function like a normal TV, subject to reception of course.

Finlux 12V TVs also come with standard 240V mains plugs too so they are perfect for home or away.


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In a Nutshell

12V power ideal for caravans, camping, motorhomes & boats

Most have standard 240V plugs too so can be used at home (all Finlux 12 Volt TVs have this benefit)


Curved Screens

Curved Screen TVs

The latest and best TV advancement, as well as beautiful aesthetics, Curved TV screens can improve your viewing experience by creating an almost wrap-around effect, visible slightly more in your peripheral vision and thus drawing you deeper into the world you’re watching. The concave design also helps to cut down on screen reflections and improves side angles, so no matter where you are sitting you’ll have the best possible viewing experience.

Curved screens started appearing with Full HD 1080p resolution but to truly appreciate the on-screen picture that fully complements the great look of the TV design, make sure you seek out a 4K version which will make whatever you are watching really come alive!


In a Nutshell

Eye-catching design

Creates a wrap-around effect

Concave design reduces screen reflections