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TV Accessories

Want to buy a TV stand or TV wall bracket for your Finlux TV but don’t know which one to go for? Read on and Compare our range of TV accessories.


Wall Bracket

TV Wall Brackets

Mounting your TV on the wall is a safe, space saving solution. Modern sets are thin and light compared to their old cathode ray and plasma ancestors. This gives you options that were not available before, one of which is to wall mount your TV. This can save a huge amount of space in your room - especially valuable in a smaller space such as a bedroom. Not only that, but you might find that the wall is a safer location when you share your house with little children (or boisterous pets) - TVs attract the smaller members of the family and can be knocked over fairly easily.

Make sure you get the right size of wall bracket for your TV (our wall brackets all tell you what size they’re suitable for), and that you mount it at a good height. You don't want to mount your set too high or too low for comfort - ideally the centre of the screen should be at seated eye level of the viewer. Some Finlux wall brackets give you the ability to tilt your TV which will help if you have to mount your set a little higher.


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In a Nutshell

Space saving solution

Safely out of the way

Fixed, secure location



TV Stands

Finlux TV stands come in many shapes and sizes, offering a flexible option for positioning your TV. Whether you are looking for a corner unit, an unobtrusive stand or a piece of contemporary furniture, there is something for you. As well as the TV itself, you need to consider all of the other electronics you might want to connect to it. Games consoles, DVD players and satellite TV boxes all need somewhere to live - and what to do about all of those cables?


Look for a stand that caters for your needs and try to anticipate what additional kit you might add in the near future. Look for a unit that allows you to hide the cables away neatly - in all the style magazines you have ever seen electronics cables are never a feature of the room! If you have loads of games or DVDs, you might like to consider a unit that has sufficient storage for your everyday needs.


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In a Nutshell

Flexible option that stores other TV equipment

A choice to match your room & style

Neat cable storage


Cable and Screen Cleaner

Other TV accessories worth considering

There are few things more irritating than getting your new TV and then realising you haven't got all the right cables! Make sure that you order everything you need along with your purchase, such as HDMI cables to connect to DVD players & satellite TV boxes. Upgrading your set is a good opportunity to rationalise your setup anyway, so check your cables to make sure everything can be connected. Get rid of the ones you got free and splash out on quality cables - it doesn't make sense to spend hundreds of pounds on a new TV and then plug low grade cables and connectors into it.


If you are buying a 3D TV, why not buy a few extra pairs of glasses? Then when your family and friends want to come around to watch the football - or a set gets lost down the back of the sofa - you won't be caught short. One last hint - invest in some proper screen cleaner. Using spray furniture polish or kitchen cleaner is not the right thing to do if you want to keep your new pride and joy looking its best!


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In a Nutshell

Buy quality cables and connectors

Get some extra 3D glasses so everyone can watch in 3D

Proper screen cleaner is your friend, it helps keep your screen in A1 condition!