TV Buying Guide

Deciding which TV to buy can be a tough job these days. New TV technologies and features are being introduced with growing frequency, which can make choosing a television confusing. The Finlux TV buying guide will provide all the information you need, from size and physical parameters to different screen technologies to help you decide which TV is best for you.


Size matters

Size matters!

Size matters! Make the most out of your TV and choose the best size to fit your lounge, bedroom or office.



Resolution and screen size

Resolution and Picture Quality

What’s the difference between HD, Ultra HD and 4K? Find out about different resolutions and picture quality.



Screen Technologies

Screen Technologies

All you need to know about Smart TVs, Curved TVs, 3D TVs, Combi TVs and 12V TVs is just a click away.



LED Technology

TV Types

Wondering whether to get an LED TV or an LCD TV? How about a Plasma TV? Learn what the differences are here.



TV terms

Other TV Features

Discover how you can use features like refresh rate, contrast rations or input lag to decide on the best TV for you.



TV Accessories

TV Accessories

Want to buy a TV stand or TV wall bracket for your Finlux TV but don’t know which one to go for? Compare our range of TV accessories.