Size matters

Size matters!

Although these days smaller screen sizes are predominantly used more for kitchens and bedrooms, where viewing distances tend to be shorter, today’s higher resolution larger TVs can also be comfortably viewed from reasonably close up.




Resolution and screen size

Resolution and Picture Quality

There are various screen types available these days. What are HD Ready, Full HD and 4k UHD TVs? You can see a brief explanation by clicking the button below.




Screen Technologies

Screen Technologies

Curved, Smart, 3D,Combi or 12V. There are various TV screen technologies or features available these days. Click the button to find out more.




LED Technology

TV Types

You'll have heard of LED TVs, LCD TVs and Plasma TVs. But which is the latest technology and which is best for you?




TV terms

TV Features

Don't know your PVR from your EPG? Want to know more about contrast ratios or refresh rates? Do you need Freeview or Freeview HD? And should you be worrying about input lag?