Finlux Kitchen TVs & Small TVs

Find your perfect Kitchen TV!

If you have never had a TV in your kitchen, it is one of thse things that makes you think "Why didn't I do this before?" when you finally get around to it! Find the perfect kitchen TV for your home in the Finlux range. Choose between a small 22" TV/DVD combi with a multi-region DVD playerand a 32" Full HD TV/DVD Combi Smart TV with Freeview Play  giving you access to the Epicurious recipe app. Get inspired by the bon appétit video app and once the main dish is cooked, move onto the happy hour with The Cocktail Spirit with Robert Hess app, all available through the Opera TV App.

Smaller Finlux TVs (22"-32") are great value and, unlike older sets, they are both light and thin. Finlux kitchen TVs are small enough to occupy minimal counter space while the TV screens are large enough to be seen from anywhere in kitchens of most sizes. To save the counter space for some cooking prep, use the Finlux TV wall brackets and enjoy the excellent picture quality in a compact package. Using the Finlux Wall Brackets for kitchen TVs couldn't be easier - you only need 4 screws for most small TVs so you'll be ready to watch in no time. Follow the recipes while watching your favourite baking show or get inspired to cook a delicious family dinner using the Finlux Smart Centre on your Smart TV. 

Kitchen Smart TV - Recipes On Line

Big Value in a Small Kitchen TV

With Finlux TVs, you can have your cake and eat it. If you're looking for cheap kitchen TVs with great functionality, look no further. 

If your family eats in the kitchen, there will be no more waiting until the programme they are watching finishes before you can serve up. Although perhaps that should be the exception rather than the rule - we don't want to discourage the art of family conversation!


Go basic with the 22" Finlux TV/DVD combi and enjoy live enterntainment via the built-in Freeview tuner while you cook or dine. Thanks to the integrated multi-region DVD player, you can make the most out of those cooking DVDs by your celebrity chef idols and play & pause while you cook. Careful with the salt!

If you need a larger set, go for the 32" Finlux HD Ready TV with Sound Enhancement, Freeview HD and USB Record, allowing you to record and pause live TV.

Upgrade to the 32" Finlux TV/DVD Combi Smart kitchen TV and gain instant access to the Opera TV app and Epicurious through Finlux Smart Centre, opening up a whole online worlds of recipes and techniques. It might even encourage you to thin out that cookery book collection! What's more, the set is Full HD with DTS TruSurround and features Freeview Play - the full package.


Recipe Apps available through Finlux Smart Centre


Nowadays, more and more people are using online recipe apps available at the tips of their fingers to create extraordinary family dinners and cakes even professional bakers would be proud of. With a Finlux Smart TV in your kitchen, you won't have to get your smartphone covered in flour anymore, you can access online recipes directly through the TV. Whether you're looking for healthy recipes or cake recipes, the Epicurious video app available through the Finlux Smart Centre, will take you through the cooking or baking process step by step, so you won't miss any detail. 


Use the Internet browser on your Finlux Smart Centre to find your favourite recipes online or log into one of your social media accounts to re-read that surprise birthday cake recipe you recently saved onto your Pinterest board. Access your friends' recipe suggestions through the dedicated Facebook and Twitter apps quickly and easily.


Finlux Kitchen TV Range

In the Finlux kitchen TV range, we currently offer three models, but depending on the size of your kitchen and how much room you have, there are many models in the Finlux range that might suit you. The choice is yours!

Small 22 Inch Kitchen TV from Finlux

Finlux 22” Full HD TV/DVD Combi

A small footprint makes this model ideal for kitchens where counter space is at premium. The full HD LED screen ensures a pin-sharp picture and there's an added bonus.

A built in DVD player is the icing on the cake in this kitchen TV model. This handy feature allows you to catch up with your favourite box set or even slot in one of the many DVDs by celebrity chefs and follow right along with what they are doing, playing and pausing as you cook or bake.


The 22-FDMB-4200 is 'A' rated for energy efficiency and features 2 HDMI ports, 1 Scart port and 1 USB port. 

Buy Finlux 22" Full HD 1080p LED TV with Multi-Region DVD Player
32 Inch Smart Kitchen TV from Finlux

Finlux 32" Full HD TV/DVD Combi Smart TV with Freeview Play

For the ultimate kitchen TV, this 32" Finlux TV model cannot be beaten. This model features Freeview Play: live TV and on demand, all in one place. Watch catch up through your TV guide and access last week’s shows,

Buying a Finlux Smart TV opens up a world of possibilities. For those interested in cooking and baking, every recipe you could ever want is available online and if you don't know your broiling from your bain marie, it's easy to look it up!

The  32-FDB-5522 is 'A+' rated for energy efficiency and features 2 HDMI ports, 1 USB port and DTS TruSurround sound enhancement.

Buy Finlux 32" Full HD TV/DVD Combi Smart TV with Freeview Play