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Here are the most frequently asked questions about our products.

Are HDMI cables included with TVs?

Our TVs do not come with an HDMI cable.

Are your TVs a good choice for countries with higher temperatures?

Our TVs are not designed to work at high temperatures, and we would therefore not recommend them for use in countries with higher temperatures. In addition, our warranty is not valid outside of the UK.

Are your TVs suitable for use in the Republic of Ireland?

Our TVs are not suitable for use in the Republic of Ireland, as they are not compatible with SAORVIEW (free Irish digital television service) and our warranty is not valid outside of the UK.

Are your TVs supplied with an analogue tuner?

All of our models are supplied with an in-built Freeview and analogue tuner.

Can I connect devices to my TV by Bluetooth?

Some Finlux TVs support Bluetooth technology so you can connect a number of different devices to your Finlux TV such as mobile phones, tablets and audio systems.

A pairing is required before using the Bluetooth devices with the TV set. You should do the followings to pair your device with the TV:

Set the device to pairing mode
Start device discovery on the TV
Note: Refer to the user manual of the Bluetooth device to learn how to set your other device to pairing mode.

You can connect audio devices or remote controllers via Bluetooth to your TV. Unplug or switch off any other connected audio device in order for Bluetooth feature to work correctly.

For audio devices you should use the Audio Link option in the System > Sound menu, for remote controllers the Smart Remote option in the System > Options > More menu. Select the menu option and press the OK button to open the related menu. Using this menu you can discover and connect the devices that use Bluetooth wireless technology and start to use them. Follow the on-screen instructions. Start the device discovery. A list of available Bluetooth devices will be displayed. Select the device you want to connect from the list and press the OK button to connect. If “Device connected” message is displayed, the connection is successfully established. If the connection fails try it again.

Note: Bluetooth and Wireless LAN devices operate within the same radio frequency range and may interfere with one another. To improve the performance of your Bluetooth device place it at least 1 meter away.

Can I connect my Finlux TV to my Sky Remote?

You can connect your Finlux TV to your Sky Remote – just follow these easy steps below:

Make sure your Sky box is connected to your TV
Turn your TV and Sky box on
Press TV on your Sky remote control handset
Hold down ‘Select’ and the ‘Red’ button together for about two seconds, until the red light on the Sky remote blinks twice
Key in 0065 on your Sky remote. The light on the Sky remote should blink twice
Press the “Standby” button on your Sky remote control. Your TV should now switch off
Press ‘Select’ again. The light on your Sky remote control should now blink twice

You should now be able to control some basic functions on your TV from your Sky remote control (e.g. volume up/down, programme up/down).

Can I connect my laptop to your TVs via HDMI?

This depends on the computer and what it is outputting. The laptop needs to have a High-bandwidth Digital Contact Protection (HDCP) compliant graphic card if you are playing copyrighted films.

Can I connect my laptop to your TVs?

All Finlux TVs have a Video Graphics Array (VGA), so that they can be connected to a laptop.

Can I load the SkyGo App onto your Smart TV's?

It is not possible for you to add Apps to the portal yourself. New Apps are under development and we are working to add these to the portal.

Can I receive Freeview HD on my HD Ready TV?

Whether or not you can receive Freeview HD will depend on the model of HD Ready TV that you buy. HD Ready TVs require built-in Freeview HD to display Freeview channels in high definition. Finlux offers a choice of HD Ready TVs, producing models that are equipped with regular Freeview channels as well as models that come with built-in Freeview HD transmissions. For more information on Freeview HD, please visit:

Can I watch normal 2D TV on a 3D model?

3D TVs enable you to watch regular 2D channels and films, and for these, you will not require 3D glasses.

Can my TV operate as a Wireless Display?

Wireless Display is a standard for streaming video and sound content by Wi-Fi Alliance. This feature provides the ability to use your TV as wireless display device. Only certain TV models support this - for details of whether your model can work as a Wireless Display, please see your instruction manual.

There are different standards for use with mobile devices which enable sharing of screens including graphical, video and audio content between your mobile device and TV.

Press the Source button on the remote control and switch to Wireless Display source. A screen appears stating that the TV is ready for connection.

Open the sharing application on your mobile device. These applications are named differently for each brand, please refer to the instruction manual of your mobile device for detailed information.

Scan for devices. After you select your TV and connect, the screen of your device will be displayed on your TV.

Note: This feature can be used only if the mobile device supports this feature. Scanning and connecting processes differ according to the programme you use. Android based mobile devices should have the software version V4.2.2 and above.

Do your TVs connect to 12v power supplies so I can use them in my motor-home?

We have one range available on our Website that supports use via a car DC input suitable for use in caravans, motor-homes and outside TVs. These models are indicated by ‘NCM’ at the end of the product code. The product detail will also indicate that it is a 12V model. They come readily supplied with the relevant adaptor cable.

Do your TVs feature a wake-up timer?

Finlux TVs do not currently feature a wake-up timer facility.

Do your TVs have an on/off switch?

Our TVs have a Standby button, but do not have an on/off switch. You will need to unplug the TV or turn off at the plug socket to help save energy.

Does my TV play video and audio formats?

All Finlux TVs play Video and Music files. However please check the instruction book for the full specification. Note that the file formats listed in the manuals are for guidance only – the format specification of files change regularly, but it is not possible to upgrade the firmware on our TVs to accept changes in formats.

How can I connect an external sound system to my TV?

If you have the red and white RCA inputs available, you need an RF to RCA cable. You can then connect the cable from the TV’s Coax out socket to the sound bar etc. If you have a scart input available, you can connect that to either SCART1 or SCART2. The sound will only output from the Freeview.

How do I connect a 3D Blu-ray player or PS3 to my 3D TV?

You need to connect the Blu-ray player (3D compatible) with a high speed HDMI cable (V1.4) to your TV. Note that 3D glasses are only required when watching 3D content.

By default the PS3 will output a standard signal via the HDMI connection, therefore you may need to follow the below instructions to activate 3D on the PS3:

Have both the TV and console turned off.
Turn on the TV and wait for it to power up, then turn on the console (hold the power button until it beeps).
The PS3 will then identify the 3D TV and ask for resolution information and screen size.
Once selected, the PS3 will then have the ability to play both games and Blu-ray 3D discs.

How do I connect to a PC or Mac via HDMI or VGA and set the resolution?

All our TVs support VGA input via PC or Mac. HDMI input is also supported on our TVs. Computers use a wide variety of graphics cards so there can be quite a variety of compatibility issues. To help with any compatibility issues, you can download a utility called PowerStrip which provides multi-monitor, programmable hardware support to a wide range of graphics cards.

How do I tune in my TV’s analogue channel to the Sky Box?

To tune your TV’s analogue channel to your Sky Box, just follow these easy steps below:

Connect your TV to the aerial feed from the RF output of the Sky box.
With the Sky box powered on, select the Menu on your Finlux remote.
Select Installation from the on screen Menu and then select Analogue Tuning.
When the TV has completed the search, select channel 901 or 9001 on your TV to select the Sky output.

You may need to fine tune the TV if required.

I have Surround Sound speakers - Is there a connection for external audio?

With Finlux TVs, audio output is either via Coax or optical output that would connect to the Audio Amplifier.

I need to replace a TV I have which is fed from the coaxial output on my Sky HD box. Are your TVs suitable?

Finlux TVs will tune into the Sky RF signal. You may need to do a manual scan to locate the signal.

Is it possible to view Netflix or Amazon Prime directly on your smart TV's?

Netflix is now available on all of new Smart TVs . Please check the detailed product page of the model you are interested in for further information. At present, Amazon Prime is not available on any of our TVs.

Is my TV wall mountable?

All our TVs are VESA wall mount compatible, with the exception of our 19” combi models. Each TV will have a different screw type which will depend on the size of the screen. Please check the instruction book for the full specification.

My TV does not pick up all the channels (i.e. Dave, Viva, Really)

Your licence fee covers the five main TV channels from BBC1 to Channel 5. As long as you can pick up these channels, then your TV is not faulty. However, please remember that the quality of your TV aerial will determine the quality of the signal. Some areas may be receiving a weak signal or a signal from a relay transmitter which will not broadcast additional channels such as Dave etc.

My TV has a picture, but no sound?

You need to carry out first time installation. Press ‘Menu’ on your remote control, then select ‘Install and Retune’, click ‘OK’, then ‘First Time Installation’, click ‘OK’. After that, highlight ‘Yes’, then click ‘OK’. From this point onwards, the on-screen instructions will help you to complete the process.

My TV is switching itself on/off (or performing another function on the TV without any buttons being pressed)?

This could be an issue with either the TV, or with the remote control unit sending a ‘rogue signal’. Switch on the TV, remove the batteries from the remote control, and see if the problem continues. If the TV still has the same issue, your TV may be faulty. If the issue is solved, then your remote control is faulty. Faulty items will be replaced. Please contact our Customer Service Team for further assistance.

The image on screen doesn’t look right?

The problem can be caused by various factors depending on the source of the image and its connection to the TV. If you are not using a digital television/aerial connection, then remove and reattach cables, or try a new cable. Also check another appliance connected via this source or try connecting to another TV to see if the same issue persists.

What do I need to watch 3D content?

As well as a 3D TV and 3D glasses, you will need access to 3D footage. Sky offers a 3D channel, whilst Virgin Media and BT Vision provide 3D films on demand. You can also watch 3D films via Blu-ray players. If your TV is not linked to a satellite channel or Blu-ray player, it will work as a regular 2D model.

What do you need for a Smart TV to work?

You will need a good broadband connection. The faster the speed of the connection, the better, especially for web browsing, streaming videos and watching catch up TV. For standard definition videos 2MB is recommended, while for high definition videos 4MB is recommended. The average speed offered by internet service providers (ISPs) is 12Mbps.

Home Network Connectivity: Some files can be shared across your home network and viewed on your Smart TV. You can connect multiple devices (including laptops and tablets) provided they are all on the same network.

What does Wi-Fi Ready mean?

All of our Smart TVs have built-in WiFi, or are supplied with a Wi-Fi dongle, which enables you to connect from your TV to your Wi-Fi router.

What DVD regions do your DVD combis play?

Our DVD Combi TVs are multi-region, and will therefore play DVDs from all regions.

What external audio connection does the TV have to connect to my Surround Sound system?

With Finlux TVs, audio output is either via Coax or optical output that would connect to the Audio Amplifier.

What has happened to Skype on my Finlux TV?

Skype was offered on certain Finlux TVs under Skype's Open Programme. Unfortunately Skype have now closed this programme and have closed down the Skype app which supported it on all TV brands. The decision has been taken solely by Skype and is beyond Finlux's control. We are working towards providing an alternative camera application for those customers who have previously purchased a Skype camera for their TV.

For more information on why Skype has disappeared from your TV, please click here to read Skype's support page.

What is a 3D TV?

A 3D TV adds depth and edge to on-screen images, helping to make them look more life-like. To watch 3D TVS, you need a pair of 3D glasses as well as access to 3D films and programmes. We manufacture two types of 3D TVs - Passive, which are supplied with 8 pairs of glasses; and Active, which are supplied with 2 pairs of glasses. If you need extra pairs of Active glasses, then these can be purchased separately.

What is a Smart TV?

Smart or Connected TVs are models that offer additional internet functionality, enabling viewers to surf the internet as well as access a whole range of online apps. With this built-in internet service, viewers can enjoy movies on demand and catch-up tv via apps, such as BBC iPlayer. They can also log onto social networking sites and select and play a selection of online games.

What is DLNA and how do I get it to work?

Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) enables the sharing of digital media such as music, photos and videos between consumer devices such as computers, TVs, printers, cameras, cell phones, and other multimedia devices.

Try the following using Windows Media Player on your PC as an example:

Start – Windows Media Centre, (if not) go to Network and Sharing Centre
Select ‘Change Advanced Sharing settings’
Select ‘Public’ – Media Streaming – Choose ‘Media streaming options’
Select ‘Media programs on this PC and remote connections’ – ensure this is set to ‘Allowed’

What is Dual Play and is it available on Finlux TVs?

"Dual Play" is a fantastic feature that is available on all Finlux passive 3D TVs (55ut3e242s-t / 65ut3e242s-t). By purchasing a set of special Dual Play glasses, each person playing a 2-player game on a games console connected to your Finlux 3D TV can enjoy their own full-screen gameview at the same time on the same screen!

Say goodbye to annoying split-screen gaming - wear a pair of Finlux Dual Play glasses and you can both enjoy all your action on all of the screen - without the other player being able to see where you are in the game!

Requires a Finlux passive 3D TV, Dual Play glasses, compatible games console (e.g. XBox, PS4) and compatible game.

What is passive 3D?

The most popular and cost-effective type of 3D model available is the Passive 3D TV. The glasses that are designed to view Passive 3D are battery-free, inexpensive and much lighter and comfortable to wear than those for Active 3D TVs. They are key to the 3D viewing experience, helping to create the third dimensional effect on-screen by showing each eye a slightly different image.

What is the difference between the Full HD 1080p and the HD Ready 720p?

HD Ready TVs will only display HD broadcasts whereas Full HD TVs will do this, plus provide even greater picture quality when connected to a Full HD source, such as a Blu-ray player.

If your TV is HD Ready then it offers you a screen resolution of at least 1366 x 720p. Currently in the UK, TV programmes are only able to broadcast up to the HD 720p level so if you have an HD Ready TV, then you will experience TV programmes at their finest level of detail.

What SMART apps are available on Finlux TV’s?

There are a number of SMART Apps available, so check out details of the current active Apps. Our newer range of TVs include Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Facebook, Twitter, open internet browser, and many more. Some of the Apps may be under development; therefore certain functions may be limited but updates will follow. If any new Apps become available, we will make these available on the Portal. Please note that ability to access new apps will depend on the build and model of your TV.

Why can I not play media from the USB device on my TV?

Check to ensure that your USB device is fully connected and your TV recognises the USB device. If you can access the USB device on the TV, try playing either an *.MP3 or a *.JPG file. If your TV plays these files then your TV is fine. It may be that your media type is not compatible with the TV. You can check the list of compatible media types at the rear of their instruction manual. Please note that the sound and picture must be encoded in a compatible format.

Why can I not receive HD channels on my TV?

You will need to have an HD tuner to receive HD channels on your TV. Check with your tuner provider for further information.

Why does my TV not get a 3D picture?

You need to have a 3D compatible device ( ie. 3D Blu Ray Player, 3D Console, Sky 3D) connected to your TV in order to receive 3D images. It also needs to be connected by a 1.4 version HDMI cable, running the latest software. Only 3D Media, such as 3D movies or 3D games can produce 3D images.

Can I purchase an extended warranty?

We will be launching an extended warranty cover with our new partner within the next few weeks. Please check back for updates.

Does my product warranty cover commercial use?

Under the terms of the warranty, the product must be solely used for domestic purposes only, and therefore does not cover commercial use.

Is my warranty transferable?

The warranty cannot be transferred to a 3rd party. If the TV does need a repair, then we would only be able to deal with the purchaser of the product.

What does the 12 month product warranty cover?

The product warranty is for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of original purchase. During this period and where possible, Finlux will repair, free of charge, any defect caused by faulty materials or workmanship. If a repair is not possible, the product will be replaced free of charge or a refund will be given.

This guarantee is subject to the following provisions:

  • The guarantee does not cover accidental damage, misuse, cabinet parts, knobs or consumable items
  • The product must be correctly installed and operated in accordance with the instructions in the manual provided
  • The product must be used solely for domestic purposes in the UK only
  • The guarantee will be invalid if the product is re-sold or has been damaged by inexpert repair.

And below are the terms of the warranty:


The manufacturer disclaims any liability for incidental or consequential damages. This guarantee is in addition to, and does not diminish, your statutory or legal rights.

  Warranty Exclusions

  • This Warranty does not extend to loss, liquid ingression, theft, vermin or insect infestation.
  • This warranty does not cover damage caused by: 
  • Misuse or abusive use of any Finlux consumer product
  • Incorrect operation, or not following the operating instructions (as stated in the Product Instruction Manual) 
  • Improper installation
  • Failure to clean or improper cleaning of the product
  • Incorrect voltage or non-authorised electrical connections 
  • Use of non-authorised/non- standard parts
  • Password setting/resetting and virus infection
  • Repair or other work carried out on the Finlux consumer product other than by authorised Finlux service personnel
  •  . 
  • This Warranty does not cover service costs for the replacement and maintenance of consumable parts, which have stopped working through normal wear and tear. This includes, but is not limited to, parts classifiable as consumer parts.
  • This Warranty does not cover any Finlux branded consumer product installed in a moveable dwelling. Note that the performance of the product may be affected if it is installed in a caravan or other such moveable dwelling.
  • This warranty does not cover Finlux consumer products, which do not bear the original manufacturer’s factory-applied serial number in its original form (for instance where it or the sticker bearing has been removed, wiped out, rubbed off, or altered). This applies even if you make a claim while the product is still under warranty.
This Warranty does not cover the loss of any data no matter how the loss is caused. You are responsible for backing up and protecting data against loss, damage or destruction. The guarantee is only valid when accompanied by proof of purchase. If the serial number is defaced, missing or illegible, the warranty is null and void.

In the event of a problem with the product within the guarantee period, please contact our Customer Service Team. Please ensure you have the model number, reference number and proof of purchase to hand.

What product warranty is the TV supplied with?

The manufacturers product warranty is for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of original purchase. Please contact your retailer to confirm the terms of warranty – for some retailers Finlux cover the warranty and for others the retailer will cover the 12 months warranty.

What will happen if my TV needs a repair whilst under warranty?

If your TV develops a fault during the 1 year product warranty, and the warranty is covered by Finlux, we will arrange to collect your TV for inspection. Note for larger screens, our authorised service partners will always try to complete any repairs at your home. However, there may be times when the product has to be taken away for further testing. If this happens, you will not be charged for collection or return of the product within the terms of this guarantee.

In the event of a problem with the product within the guarantee period, please contact our Customer Service Team. Please ensure you have the model number, reference number and your proof of purchase to hand.

Will you supply a temporary TV whilst mine is being repaired?

Our repair partner does occasionally have loan TVs available, whilst your model is being repaired. Please note however, that this may well be a lower specification TV to the one you have purchased. Please contact our Customer Service Team, who will be able to advise you of availability.

Can I update my account details including name, address, email and phone number?

If you want to update the details we hold for you from a previous Finlux order, please contact us via phone or email and we will update your details.

How do I opt out of receiving marketing emails from you?

We are not currently operating a marketing email programme so there is no need to update any preferences with us.

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