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Smart TV Guide


A Smart TV is a TV that is connected to the internet in order to deliver on-demand and catch-up TV services, social media and wireless streaming straight into the comfort of your living room.

Along with 3D, Smart is the most significant development in TV technology over the last 5 years. Even if you’re not sure whether you have a need for Smart now, by selecting a Finlux Smart TV you’ll help to ensure your new TV will be bang up-to-date in years to come.

Our Smart TV range from 32” all the way up to 65”. We also have models which feature both 3D and Smart

Award-Winning Smart TVs

The Finlux 32F8030-T LED Smart TV has picked up numerous awards from industry experts such as What Hi-Fi, Trusted Reviews & The Sunday Times. They were amazed by the value of the TV for the features it offered and said that the value for money (£299.99 at the time) could not be beaten!

Our Smart Portal was also awarded a ‘Recommended Award’ from AVForums, commenting on the ease of use and feature-rich specification that our Smart TVs come brimming with.

“Finlux is making some promising strides with their Smart TV platform. It’s all packaged nicely in an attractive interface that’s a doddle to navigate and the new app for Apple devices promises to be of great assistance when using some of the TVs’ embedded features. Thanks to the fact that all Finlux Smart TVs ship with a USB Wi-Fi dongle, accessibility to the platform should be available to most homes and the inclusion of Freeview HD plus the ability to record it to connected storage, to act as a (limited) PVR, are also major pluses.”
Mark Hodgkinson (AVforums) Read More

What is the benefit of a Smart TV?

Catch-up TV services

Rather than sitting in front of your computer, laptop or tablet to catch-up on TV you've missed, you could press a button and sit in the comfort of your living room and enjoy the programme on the big screen. It also allows you to share the fun with the rest of the room and saves you having to connect your laptop to your TV. BBC iPlayer offers you all the best action from BBC TV & Radio over the past 7 days, including crisp HD picture quality.

Video on Demand

With Apps such as YouTube, Viewster and CineTrailer you’ll never be stuck for something to watch, be it your favourite music video, blockbuster movie or checking out the new film release trailers in your local cinema.

Staying Connected

If you like to stay in touch with friends and family via your social media accounts then you can now do so via your TV thanks to the Facebook and Twitter Apps on the Finlux Smart Portal.

Wireless Smart Remote Control

The Finlux Smart remote is available for free download from the Apple Store and Google Play shop and will transform your viewing experience and make using the Smart TV features all the more enjoyable.

Wireless Streaming from compatible devices

You’ll be able to play music from your laptop upstairs on your home cinema system in your living room, watch downloaded movies directly on you TV as well as go through holiday snaps on a connected smartphone.

Is it best to use a wired or wireless connection?

As users of a wireless network will appreciate, operating wirelessly offers you greater flexibility and ease when you want to surf the web around the home. If you connect your TV to your home network Wi-Fi (via the supplied USB wireless dongle) then it will mean that you can take your TV and plug it in anywhere in the home and it'll be connected to your wireless router. The Wi-Fi dongle is a USB stick that’s inputted into the USB port of your TV. When you turn your TV on, you can configure the network settings very easily, choosing the relevant Wi-Fi network from the list of available options.

Broadband speeds can vary throughout the UK, depending on your region and provider, but the majority of connections will be fine for streaming video content online. Signal strength may be affected by how far your TV is from the router as well as other factors such as cordless phones and even microwaves! With our Smart TVs we also supply an adaptor that allows you to position the Wi-Fi dongle closer to the router.

Using a wired Ethernet connection offers you greater stability and reliable internet speeds. The downside to this is the inflexibility of where the TV can be plugged in from as it usually needs to be next to where the router is positioned. One way around this is to use a Belkin’s Homeplug kit which uses your main power supply to transport your internet connection throughout your house, enabling you to connect to any TV, on any floor in your home. This is particularly useful for large houses or where the router signal is weak.

The Finlux Smart TV Apps

By pressing the designated Smart button on your remove control, you’ll be taken to the Finlux Smart Portal page which will display an array of special Apps, specifically designed for your TV, providing you with a seamless viewing experience. As and when we add more Apps these will be automatically added to your TVs Smart Portal page, so you won’t need to download of upgrade a thing.

We’ll also be updating the interface shortly too, incorporating a picture in picture style menu screen. Finlux became a member of the Smart TV Alliance in early 2013, which will result in us having access to exciting new Apps and development opportunities. We’re working hard on continuing to improve our range of Apps for you, but we currently offer you the following Apps:

    • BBC iPlayer - It allows you to watch and listen to TV and radio programmes from the previous 7 days. You can even enjoy HD content.
    • YouTube - YouTube features thousands of clips from films and TV programmes past and present. There's also catch-up TV Channels, music videos & film rentals.
    • Facebook – stay connected with friends and family wherever you are in the world.
    • Twitter – share your mood and keep in touch with the rest of the world.
    • Viewster - find great on-demand content with over 5,000 video assets ready for digital on-demand delivery.
    • Dailymotion – watch the latest music videos, short movies, tv shows and extreme videos from the web.
    • Cinetrailer - Check out all the latest film film release Trailers and choose what you want to see next in your local cinema.

    DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) Streaming

    DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) is about sharing and enjoying your saved content across all your technology at home. It's formed from an organisation of over 250 of the world's elite consumer electronics, personal computer and mobile organisations to allow easy sharing of content in every home.

    It'll allow you to play music from your laptop upstairs on your home cinema system in your living room, watch downloaded movies directly on you TV as well as go through holiday snaps on a connected smartphone.

    The Finlux Smart Remote App

    The Finlux Smart remote is available for free download from the Apple Store and Google Play shop and will transform your viewing experience and make using the Smart TV features all the more enjoyable.

    If you've got an Android device, Apple iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad then you can download the Finlux Smart Remote App now for free. As long as your mobile device and your TV are connected to your wireless router then you'll be able to pair the TV to your mobile device immediately when you launch the App.

    Once inside the App you’ll be able to press up, down, left & right via touch as well as being able to select the different coloured button options. A simple swipe to the left and you'll be presented with a numbered keypad for typing in channel numbers, swipe to the right and you'll be able to flick both the volume or channel list up and down. When you need to type in some text, for social media or for searching videos for example, the keyboard option allows you to type on your phone as you would when writing a normal message!

    Finally, by opting for the motions tab your mobile device transforms into a gesture control TV magic wand. By flicking your mobile up, down or left & right, the commands will trigger the relevant response from your TV.